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Tibet Tours

Uzbekistan, 5-Stans, Iran, Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan, and the Caucasus

Uzbekistan with the Five Stans and Tibet are 2 of the most exciting and least traveled destinations in the world today. They are two journeys that will linger in your mind forever. With over 20 years of tour experience, coupled with the best tour prices, JMG Tours will bring you an experience like no other!!!

Myanmar (Formerly Burma) is a country truly unique to the world. It’s a destination that boasts a wonderful blend of incredible ancient historical sites, wonderful scenery, and always smiling friendly locals always willing to share their day with you.

Iran Despite the obvious political turmoil, Iran remains one of the most sought after destinations in the world, and rightfully so. It boasts an incredible number of UNESCO sites and JMG’s tour is able to visit most of them. From ancient Persia, to the beautifully tiled medieval Islamic architecture, to modern Iran, we experience it all. We also experience their wonderful cuisine, and everyday as Americans, we are welcomed by the friendly Iranians.

Bhutan is another of the world’s most unique destinations. Because of its remoteness, nestled between Tibet, Nepal, and India, it is considered the last Shangri-la. You will be inspired at every turn on my Bhutan Tour. Please read my clients testimonials as they will leave you wanting to join us on one of my upcoming tours. If you’ve been searching for more info and wonderful tours to these awe inspiring destinations, you have come to the right website. Let JMG show you the world!!!

The Caucasus include Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia and are another of the world’s least traveled and remarkable destinations, boasting incredible mountain scenery mixed with medieval splendor, wonderful UNESCO World Heritage sites, great local cuisines, and genuine warm hospitality. You’ll travel from the shores of the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan’s Silk Road, through gorgeous Georgia, to the shadows of Mount Ararat, right on the border of Armenia and Turkey. It will be a voyage back in time that you will never forget.

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Caucasus Tour

ANCIENT CITIES Click Image To Learn More About Caucasus

Five Stans Tour

JOURNEY THROUGH TIME Click Image To Learn More About The Five Stans

Iran Tour

AN EPIC JOURNEY Click Image To Learn More About Iran

Tibet Tour

ROOF OF THE WORLD Click Image To Learn More About Tibe

Uzbekistan Tour

Truly the jewel of Central Asia and the Silk Road

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With over 20 years of tour experience, coupled with the best tour prices, JMG Tours will bring you an experience like no other!!!
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